I’d like to speak with the person in charge of, um, scheduling?

In case you were out there wondering about The Great Blog Famine of 2013, let’s just say that I have been busy.

As it turns out, six shows in a row in six different states in one spring is a lot.  So is spending three weeks in July hoofing it up to Ann Arbor, then out to Denver and back.  And the 24 days from Atlanta to Lexington, Bend, and Sausalito was the mother of all road trips.  It took 6,744 miles, about $1,800 in gas, and the rest of summer.  Factor in some time for painting, and I have been busy.  REALLY.  Busy.

Not that that is any excuse.  Plenty of folks juggle busy lives and hectic show schedules and still crank out regular, witty posts.  One artist in particular  continually impresses me with her ability to keep current about a dozen blogs, facebook pages, and newsletters.  Kicking it up a notch this summer, Kathrine added an extra blog recounting the travels and travails of meandering across the country in a 32′ RV with three people, a lot of art, and a pug named Mitzi.   It’s hilarious.  KAC also wears snazzy outfits to shows.  She’s a machine.


You’d think that with all the time riding in a van this year, MY blog would be current, too. But roadtripping requires a surprising amount of mental energy, and not just to keep it between the ditches.  I travel with another artist, and we split the driving.  I take the early shift while she caffeinates, and she drives during the day while I wear my lawyer hat at the other j-o-b.*  Then we switch drivers again as many times as we need to until we get where we’re going.

For this last trip I downloaded 5 books to my kindle, packed a stack of magazines, updated the Pandora and NPR apps, and Daphne borrrowed an entire row of books on tape from the library.  In 24 days I think we listened to a little NPR in the morning, almost no music, and I didn’t touch the kindle or magazines.  We half-listened to one book on tape.  Maybe we would have listened to more books on tape had they been interesting, or maybe not.**  Such diversions require extra mental energy, and there’s not much to spare after a long day in the Beast.

That’s okay, though, because one of my favorite parts of doing art shows is simply the getting there.  I like the fun destinations, shows, and catching up with friends, too.   But the in-between has its own magic.  I love watching the landscape unfold from palm trees to conifers and mountains to rolling pastures, corn fields, deserts, red rocks, more mountains, and coastine.   So I tend to just enjoy, snap a few photos, and stop off here and there at interesting places to break up the drive.  It’s SO great to experience the country this way.  Busy or not, I wouldn’t change this lifestyle for the world.

It may not happen today, but I will include some photos from the road in the next entry.   A few shots did make it to Instagram, so feel free to follow along there (carstensenart) if that’s your thing.

And that’s the story of The Great Blog Famine of 2013.    Stay tuned, as I have spoken with the *ahem* scheduling department, and I’m sure I will be SO much better at blogging next year!!

* Can I get a shout out for the AMAZING guys I work with who allow me to work remotely so that I can pursue both my passion and my profession?!   I am one lucky girl to have their support.

** Daphne usually just checks out the first armload she sees, so her books-on-tape success rate is about 2%.

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